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GovCorps is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps train the next generation of government leaders. By recruiting and mentoring students from across the country to help them pursue careers in public service, we are working to create an equitable government that is representative of all of the people it serves.

We do this by getting students who demonstrate financial need and come from underrepresented or under-served communities interested in public service in high school, investing in their education, and providing them with real work experience. This process starts with GovCorpsEdu, which provides free educational resources to high schools and teachers to help students become more engaged with and knowledgeable about their government. Through the GovCorps Scholars program, we provide scholarships to high school students looking to further their education by studying government. Next, GovCorps offers college students paid fellowships on Capitol Hill and in government offices across the country. We also provide grant funding for college students who want to study government, and will hold a summit each year in Washington for GovCorps Scholars, and other interested students, to see their government in action. Finally, we offer the Leadership Institute for young professionals looking to achieve their next step in public service.

GovCorps is there for students from high school through college graduation and beyond. We are focused on a sustained relationship throughout the educational journey to support and recruit students that don’t traditionally pursue careers in government.