United for Democracy

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United for Democracy launched in June 2020 to help ensure everyone in the United States has access to our government. We focus on community engagement, training future government leaders, protecting the right to vote, promoting citizenship, and conducting and disseminating research on issues related to government and democracy. United for Democracy works in communities across the country to help create a more equitable and inclusive government for everyone. We are committed to a nonpartisan mission that is centered on:

Training future government leaders

Through our GovCorps program, we get more young people from diverse backgrounds involved in public service

Engaging with the community

We work with organizations to help them engage more deeply and effectively with their local community

Conducting research

We undertake research and analysis projects to highlight best practices in local, state and federal government

Assisting voters

We provide information to voters on how to register to vote, request an absentee ballot and vote on Election Day

United for Democracy is a 501(c)(3) public charity recognized by the IRS.
Tax ID number: 85-1773155

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